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How to recruit Minors on Askable?
How to recruit Minors on Askable?

Needing to speak to under 18s? We've got you covered

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You can recruit minors on Askable via their parents/guardians. This is often run on Askable by universities, education tech, children softwares, government etc
You will be directly recruiting parents/guardians in order for them to consent and bring their children with them along for the session.
Note that the information that you see in the participant list are the Parents' information. If you need the child/ren's information (e.g name, age, gender) please include a screener in order to collect that data. [EXAMPLE SCREENERS BELOW]

Essentially, the Study will be targeted to the parents, so your screeners & its language is as if you're speaking with the parents, and they'll be the ones to bring along their children.

A Premium incentive must be selected so the incentive can be shared between the Parent and Child. This is also to make up for the time & effort in getting the child to join

🎒 Pro Tip: Having sessions in the evening, after school hours or during school holidays will get you the highest uptake!

Example Screener Questions

​How many children do you have, if any?

  • I do not have any children (❌)

  • 1 (✅)

  • 2 (✅)

  • 3 (✅)

  • 4 (✅)

  • 5 + (✅)

​Do you currently have any children completing the following school years? (MULTI SELECT)

  • I do not have any children (❌)

  • No, my children aren't currently in school (❌)

  • Primary School (❌)

  • Year 7 (❌)

  • Year 8 (❌)

  • Year 9 (❌)

  • Year 10 (❌)

  • Year 11 (✅)

  • Year 12 (✅)

Please provide your child's Name, Age & Gender (Short Answer)
(All information will be kept P&C and if for research purposes only)

TIP: If you would like to easily use the Segments feature based on the children's demographic information, please set up the screener question as a separate Multiple Choice Questions, as opposed to a Short Answer Question which simply serves to collect the data.

For example: You will have a multi-choice question for Age, followed by a separate multi-choice question for Gender. Repeat this with any other criterias you need for your research.

​This video call requires both you and your child to attend. If selected are you both able to attend?

  • Yes (✅)

  • No (❌)

If selected for this opportunity do you agree to split the incentive with your child?

  • Yes (✅)

  • No (❌)

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