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How do custom screeners work exactly?
How do custom screeners work exactly?

Screeners can be new to people, so how do they effect your recruitment?

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With Askable's Custom Screeners, you can collect the data you need to find exactly who is a fit for your research. So what's important to know?

Applicants complete All screeners

Screener questions are NOT a Survey, so there are no logic jumps or exit responses. This also means that Screener questions are meant to screen participants, not to ask for information that you'll be better off asking within your session / survey instead.

Everyone who applies for your study are required to complete all screener questions. This way, you get to see ALL applicants along with their responses, regardless of their eligibility. So keep this in mind when creating your questions.

Everyone is given an Eligibility Score

When you create your questions and responses, you give each response either an
✅ Approve or ❌ Reject criteria. That way, depending on a person's responses they will be given a percentage score of their eligibility.

Our screeners are purpose-built without logic applied to it. This is so that you have a full view, clarity and control on everyone and anyone who applies for your Study.

Many times someone who may not be eligible according to your screeners can be surprisingly insightful to consider speaking with so you can choose to invite them to if you wish.

How are Eligibility Scores calculated?

There's no better way to explain how the calculations work by showing you some examples:

Which of the following fruits do you like to eat?

✅ Apple

❌ Banana

✅ Mango

✅ Watermelon

✅ Orange

❌ I don't eat fruits

If you are wanting to get Apple-eaters, John Smith who has selected Apple, Banana & Mango will come up as 100% eligible. Yes! Even if he had chosen "Banana"

Someone who responds to every question with an Approve criteria will get an Eligibility Score of 100%. Meaning they are a perfect fit for your research 😃

If you are particularly after rejectors of a brand/experience/behaviour, you will need to ask your Screener Question in a Negative approach.

Here's an example if you want to speak to people who reject Bananas:

This use case is used for discovering a market that is not using your product/service, and if they would be inclined to after using an app, seeing a design, interacting with great customer service etc

Which of the following fruits would you NEVER eat?

❌ Apple

✅ Banana

❌ Mango

❌ Watermelon

❌ Orange

❌ I don't eat fruits

Using Segments alongside Eligibility Scoring

We highly recommend using Segments to manage your quotas and participants with the help of their eligibility scoring.

While the eligibility scoring is helpful, they may not be a perfect indicator or work best for your complex matrix of criteria.

By utilising Segments, you can customise which fruits you want ONLY to get a better & more reliable view.

Here's a Video on how to use Segments!

We hope this helps with your Screener Writing process. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us for support via the Live Chat!

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