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The new Askable Home Screen to manage studies and Askable Plus projects

Updated over a week ago

We've given our Askable home a brand new look! 🌟 When you log in, you'll see a fresh home screen; designed to make your experience more seamless.


Your home screen is the launchpad for creating new Studies or Askable Plus projects. It's super easy to see everything important about your projects, like what type they are, their status, who's working on them, and much more.

Search and Filter

Find what you need - fast! πŸ” Got a specific study or project in mind? Just type it in the search bar and you'll only see the ones matching your search.

Applying filters is a great way to narrow down. Choose by 'Type' or 'Status' to quickly spot what you need. You can also combine filters - particularly useful when you have a bunch of studies or projects.

Types of projects include things like video calls, surveys, or in-person studies. Statuses tell you where your project's at – whether it's active, being reviewed, just a draft, completed, or archived.


You can now sort your studies or projects based on the following column headers:


Sort by


Alphabetical - Asc (A to Z) or Desc (Z to A)


Alphabetical - Asc (A to Z) or Desc (Z to A)


Number - Asc (small to large) or Desc (large to small)

Closing date

Date - Asc (recent to old) or Desc (old to recent)

Created date

Date - Asc (recent to old) or Desc (old to recent)

Created by

Alphabetical - Asc (A to Z) or Desc (Z to A)


We've updated how the statuses are represented. You can now easily differentiate and identify based on the icons.

  • Active: Study is currently live and running

  • In review: Study is currently being reviewed by our team

  • Draft: Study is in drafts

  • Completed: Study has been completed

  • Archived: Project is archived

☝️ Heads up

An Askable Plus projects doesn't have an 'In review' status. However, our internal team reviews every project before it goes live.

Rate experience ⭐

When the study or project is completed, You'll see a star icon on it. Tap it to rate your experience with us. Your thoughts help us grow!

More actions

When you click on the more actions menu, you'll have the option duplicate or archive the study or project depending on the status of the study or project.

Still got questions? πŸ€”

Don't worry, it's the sign of a good researcher, reach out to the team via chat and they will be ready to help.

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