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How many Credits does my Study cost?
How many Credits does my Study cost?

Wanting to keep track or report how many credits you've used? This is the article for you

Updated over a week ago

To check how much your Study costs, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your team/your name visible at the top right corner

  2. From there you can head to Settings

  3. Select Usage from the left menu bar

This shows you a break down of how your entire Team has used your credits that were in your credit balance.
You'll see a list of transactions for all studies within the Team, similar to a bank account!

If you have made multiple changes to your Study like changing your Quota, Tool or Duration, the pricing for your Study will also change.
This means you will see multiple transactions in the Usage page in reference to your Study. The easiest way to go about this is by doing a simply [CTRL+F] or [COMMAND+F] on your computer and key in your Study title.

That should highlight all the transactions in relation to your Study for you to do some quick math! πŸ€“

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