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How do Credits work?

Learning more about our credits system

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What is a Credit?

A credit is essentially Askable's currency. You will need credits in order to use the Askable platform.

Credits bundle the costs of using the platform, recruitment fees, participant incentives and other costs.

In other words.... Simple Billing!

Benefits of Credits

  1. Our credits system allows you to purchase credits to use across all methods of research and Studies. This means you're not committing to purchasing something with zero room for change of mind.

  2. No stresses of participant incentives. Because incentives are included in the Credit pricing of each Study you set up, you don't need to worry about how much a participant gets paid and how to go about this.

  3. Bulk credits discounts 🥳

How is my Study Cost calculated?

These are a few factors that can affect the pricing of your Study setup:

  • Length of session (5mins, 30 mins, 60 mins etc.)

  • Type of session (Remote, Survey, Online task etc.)

  • Askable Panel or Your own list

  • Standard or Premium Incentives

  • Quota of participants

  • Use of Askable Sessions

Do I have to buy Bulk Credits?...No!

You can pay-as-you-go with credits, especially if you're trying us out for the first time. Simply create a Study and at the end it will say how much it costs and for reference, how many credits that equals.

But buying bulk credits is great as it allows you and your team easy access to participants whenever you’d like to recruit. This means only 1 approval process that’s needed allowing for multiple studies to take place so that your recruitment is never held up.

Also, by buying in bulk, this gives you access to DISCOUNTS! And really, who doesn't like discounts?

For more info about pricing please click here

Do Credits expire?

Yes they do. Whenever you purchase bulk credits, they have a 12 month expiry from your last bulk credit purchase. As long as you buy some more bulk credits within 12 months, the remaining 1,000 gets renewed for 12 months again 👍

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