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Askable Sessions Basics

An introduction to Askable sessions and how it supports your projects

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Why should I use Askable Sessions?

With heaps of video conferencing tools available, it's easy to think that this is yet another tool. But not quite.

We wanted to address the key concerns and poor experiences that can happen in the research environment when conducting remote sessions.

Built In

  • Askable Sessions is ready to go when you are, no download required. Our tech check also ensures that participants have the right setup for Askable Sessions in advance of your Study!

  • It auto-generates and texts/emails out all meeting links

  • It's built into the Askable platform


  • Allows for multiple researchers to be present

  • Multiple observers (or notetakers) can also join without needing an Askable account

  • Ensure a smooth start with our new lobby experience, which holds participants in a virtual waiting room until you start the session.


  • Built-in tech check for participants, minimising the chance of issues during the session (we can't account for everything but we try our best)

  • Allows for video, audio and screen sharing for both the participant and researcher

  • All calls are recorded and held in the cloud, within your Askable account and accessible after the session

  • Blurred background for that extra level of privacy

  • On call internet connection quality indicator per participant

Learn how to set up and use Askable Sessions here.

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