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Playback (Askable Sessions)
Playback (Askable Sessions)

Analyse your sessions and turn them into magical insights!

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What's Playback?

You've run an interview through Askable Sessions, taken a few notes and now you're ready to play it back! We've got you covered with Playback.

Where can you find your recordings?

Once you've wrapped up a call you can return to your Askable Study. Your recording will start processing (it won't take long but it isn't instantaneous).
To playback the session, simply click on the View Session button next to the Participant's Name

Playback controls

The video player shows the session, and has the usual controls like play/pause, playback speed, volume control, play progress bar, time and full screen mode.

Playback speed

Get ready to turbocharge your video watching experience! You can now set the playback speed of your session, so you can breeze through in record time.


Your notes from the session are here with timestamps and everything! Well almost everything. You might have missed a few key points or maybe you need to elaborate on a πŸ‘€ marker, well you can!
Just highlight the word or sentence and you'll see a Add note icon to the right side of your screen.

Edit and delete notes

We've already covered adding Notes, but you can also edit and delete notes too! Hover over the note you would like to edit, click the pencil to edit or the trash can to delete the note. Deleted a note accidentally? We've been there too, just click undo and it'll come right back (phew) πŸ˜….

πŸ—‘οΈ A note (ahem) on deleting notes

You can delete your notes and your teams notes, but you can't edit and save their notes. Why? Notes is a collaborative tool and you may want to clean them up a little and that is ok, but we draw the line at editing other people's notes, for accuracy.

Jump between notes

Each note and marker is timestamped which means when you click on a note the video player will also jump to that note.

Top navigation

From the top navigation you can download your notes and video, share the session with others, ask for help and collapse (or open) the notes panel.

Your notes will download as a CSV file and your video will download as an MP4

Switch between multiple video recordings within a session

Sometimes you might have multiple video recordings within one session. You can switch between them seamlessly within playback without leaving the window.

Share the session

When you're ready to share your session (you guessed it) click the share button in the top navigation and the session link will be copied to your clipboard. You can now send this to anyone in your Askable team.

πŸ–οΈ Heads Up

Only people in your team in Askable will be able to view the recording from this link. If you wish people outside of your team to view the recording, you can export it.

Still got questions?

Don't worry, it's the sign of a good researcher, reach out to the team via chat and they will be ready to help or watch a demo!

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