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Managing your Team on Askable

General overview of our team page, managing your team members and their roles.

Updated over a week ago

Within your Askable account you may already be setup in a team or you may be running solo. Either way we have some awesome features that will benefit you for now and the future.

  • Be part of multiple teams! You can use a single login to be a part of multiple teams and switch between them seamlessly. All you have to do is click on your name up the top right

  • Search to join new teams. You can search for any team that uses your company's domain and instantly join!

  • Quickly switch between those teams. Logging in and out is so 2019. Once you have joined new teams, switch between them straight from the menu bar up the top right.

  • Assign User Roles. Got a big team on Askable? Decide on what role they have within the app. For more info on permissions head here.

  • Deactivate old users. "Who the heck was Jeffrey? And why is he still in my account?" Well now, just de-activate Jeffrey! Get him out of there!

  • Resend/Revoke invitations. Give that person a nudge to join the Askable team or maybe revoke the invite because you realised you put in a typo (whoops!).

Updating Team Details

You can easily change your Team name in the Team section and hit save!

You can also customise a seperate landing page if you are using your own audience.
These two fields will help your customers understand your connection to Askable. Feel free to add a description that best describes the type of research you are conducting.

If you're wanting to learn more about the different user roles click here

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