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How to invite people and change their permissions
How to invite people and change their permissions

Find out what the different roles mean and what permissions each have. As well as the different ways of inviting people to a team.

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User Roles are super important to any good software and it's important to know how they work and what they mean.

How to manage your team

Select your Name near the Top Right corner of your screen and select "Settings"

From here you can invite new team members or edit their permissions depending on your role permissions.

How to invite new team members

Navigate to your account settings by clicking your name up the top right of the page. Select the Invite button, then simply add in their email address an invite will be sent to the desired person from there.

Remember: Whichever Team you are logged into is the Team that the invitee will be invited to. So make sure you are logged into the right team before sending an invitation.​

Roles and Permissions


As the name suggests, this is the all mighty controller of your team, there can be more than one on a team as well. The main difference with an Admin, is they can control the permissions of other users.

Full Member

This person has complete access to the Askable team. Buy credits, use credits, view billing history, invite people, you name it. The only thing they can't do is change permissions of other users.


This is like a view only mode for people. Great for stakeholders or anyone in your team that you want to be involved in the recruitment process, but not actually be able to create and manage bookings. Guests can download the video files of Askable Sessions video calls as well. Just an FYI πŸ˜‰

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