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Troubleshooting tips · Askable Sessions
Troubleshooting tips · Askable Sessions

How to overcome common issues accessing Sessions.

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☝️Heads Up! If you are using anything other than Chrome, we recommend you switch now. Although we do our best to support all browsers we much prefer chrome.

Askable Sessions works on a Desktop or Laptop. iPads or Tablets are not accepted.

For Participants: To ensure your computer is all good to go to attend a session, click this link and simply follow the steps.

🙅 My microphone and camera are not working?

Askable Sessions needs permission to use your camera and microphone in Google Chrome. If you are presented with the following pop-up, click Allow to enable access:

To make sure you have microphone and camera access enabled:

  1. Click the settings icon in the top left of your browser next to the Askable website URL

  2. Click the toggle for both camera and microphone

🙅 My camera or microphone still isn’t working?

  1. Make sure your camera and microphone are enabled either before or during the call

  2. Make sure no other applications or websites are using your camera

🙅 I don't know how to share my screen?

To share your screen you'll need to simply click the 'Share your screen' button at the bottom of the video call.

  1. Upon clicking the 'share' button, you'll be presented with the browser's pop-up window.

  2. Select the actual screen, window or tab you want to share by clicking on it:

☝️ Top Tip: For privacy reasons, we recommend selecting a window or Chrome tab to prevent sharing your full screen. If you do share your full screen, make sure you don't have sensitive information visible to others.

🙅 Permission to share my screen is still denied?

For Apple macOS

If you’re not able to share your screen in an Askable Session call, Google Chrome might not have screen recording permission on your computer.

If you’re presented with the following screen, you'll need to make sure you have screen share and recording enabled on your device by following the steps:

For Windows

  1. Head into your computer Settings

  2. Find "Privacy" or "Applications"

  3. Navigate into "Application/App Permissions" and find Camera & Mic and Screen Recording

  4. Please ensure that Google Chrome is turned on and allowed

🙅 I’ve enabled screen share permissions but still can’t share

  1. Make sure you have shared your screen during the call

  2. Make sure you are sharing the correct window or tab

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