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Quick FAQs · Askable Sessions
Quick FAQs · Askable Sessions
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How do I ensure an optimised experience?

  1. Askable Sessions only works on a desktop or laptop.

  2. Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge are preferred browsers

How much does it cost?

Don't worry, we know that research can be all over the place and project by project, that's why we only charge for when you actually need and use Askable Sessions. A simple 5 credits per participant will be added to your Study during setup if you choose Askable Sessions. That's it. Simple.

What are the user roles?


  • The person who has been invited to participate in the moderated interview

  • They must have an Askable account and have accepted the invite to the call

  • They can message the facilitator on the call

  • Only one participant can join a call


  • The person who is conducting the interview

  • Must have an Askable account

  • Can take notes and message the participant on the call

  • The person who admits observers into the call

  • Multiple facilitators can join a call


  • The person who is observing and / or note taking the interview

  • Is not required to have an Askable account

  • They must provide a name to join the call

  • Upon trying to join the call, they will stay in a waiting state until the facilitator admits them in

  • Can take notes on the call

  • They can not turn their camera or microphone on before or during a call

  • They won’t be visible to the participant or facilitator

  • Their name will be visible in the attendees panel

  • Multiple observers can join a call

How do my colleagues join the call?

  • Invite as a 'Facilitator'
    If you want another facilitator on the call with you:

    • They need to be part of your Askable team.

    • Copy and share the facilitator link either via the dropdown menu on the participant table (against the correct Participant), or via the call details panel within the call.

    • If they land on the lobby and aren't logged in, they have the option to login to their Askable account before joining the call, or alternatively join as an observer.

  • Invite as an 'Observer'

    • Copy and share the observer call link either via the dropdown more menu on the participant table, or via the call details panel within the call.

    • An observer does not have to have an Askable account.

    • An observer can not turn their camera or microphone on before or during a call.

    • Observers stay in waiting state until the facilitator allows them into the call

Are observers visible to participants and researchers?

  • Observers are visually hidden from the call layout. However all attendees can see their names in the list of attendees e.g. Becky S:

Do I need to send out the meeting links to the participant?

No - we take care of all that. Participants even have to do a laptop check before the session to ensure they are good to go.

Are my interviews recorded?

All interviews are recorded by default. The facilitator can choose not to record an interview from the lobby before joining the call.

Can I start a recording after the call has started?

Yes, if you choose to do intros before starting the recording, you can do that by clicking Start recording in the top left. Once a recording has started, you won't be able to stop it for the rest of that session.

Can participants share their screen?

Yes they can. One attendee can share their screen at any given time. Screen shares also appear in your interview recording.

Can I join an interview on my mobile?

Not currently. It is something we are considering for a future iteration.

What if a participant hasn't received their Askable Sessions link?

Participants are emailed their session links 15 minutes before the start of the session. If they can't find the link in their email, the participant can also access it via their Askable account. If they contact you seeking support, please send them this article to help them gain access to the session:

Why can’t an observer turn their camera or microphone on?

This is to prevent disruptions on the call. If the attendee is required to turn their camera or microphone on, they must create an Askable account and join your team. The observer can join the call without an account and still note take.

How do I access my recording and transcript?

All recordings along with the transcript can be accessed via the participant selection table, using the ‘View Session’ button once the interview is complete.

How long does my interview take to process?

This depends on the length of your interview. The interview will begin processing as soon as all attendees on the interview have exited.

What if I have more questions?

We are always here for you, so either head to this help article for more info or write us a question via our live chat.

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