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How to use Notes in a Session
How to use Notes in a Session

Askable notes helps you stay focussed on your participant while keeping track of important moments in a session.

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Getting started

When you start a Session, you'll see the notes icon at the bottom right of your screen. To open the notes panel click the icon that looks like a little sticky note or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N (more on shortcuts later).

Writing a note

To add your first note, just start typing! The text field capture your note straight away.

  • To save what you’ve written, press “return/enter”

  • To create another line in the same note, press “Shift + Return”

  • Notes are displayed in the order that they were take in, with the newest at the bottom

  • Both Facilitators and Observers can write notes against the call

  • To ensure notes are time-stamped, ensure you are recording the call

☝️ Quick Tip

If you want to remember a key moment of the session to come back to without the hassle of writing and saving a note, you can quickly add a marker by pressing 'Ctrl + . '. This will visually add an eyes emoji

Keyboard shortcuts

Save time navigating between notes, messages and call information by using our keyboard shortcuts. You can bring this up at any time by pressing '/', and they will pop up.

Mac shortcuts

Windows shortcuts

Editing and deleting notes

You can delete notes during a call as well as edit them in playback. Hover over the note you would like to delete, click the trash and the note will be removed. Deleted a note accidentally? We've been there too, just click undo and it'll come right back (phew) 😅.

View & download your notes

When a session is done you'll be able to find your session and notes in the participant screen:

  • From the participant list, click "View session" next to the participant who was in the session

  • This will take you to the playback screen, where you can play the session back and take a look at your notes

  • You can download your notes as a CSV and your session as an MP4

☝️ Quick Tip

You can do plenty in playback, including downloading and editing your notes!

Learn more about playback here!

I forgot to record my call but I took a few notes!

That's ok! You can still view your notes, they just won't be timestamped because the call wasn't recorded.

What else can I do with notes?


  • Use them as markers for creating a highlight reel

  • Add them as multiple stickies to Miro or Figma (👈 how-to's linked)

  • Use them in a good 'ol spreadsheet

Got questions?

Reach out to our friendly team over the Live Chat

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