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Adding a highlight

A highlight is the video clip of the quote/verbatim that you tagged in playback.

Use the slash command and opt for the “Highlight” block. This will insert an empty placeholder. When you click the placeholder, it opens up the floating evidence panel on the right. You can search 🔍 the highlight or filter using studies and tags.

Simply choose on the highlight you want and click on add highlight button. Once the highlight is inserted, you can move or delete this highlight from the insight builder.

Creating a reel

Reels are a set of highlights that convey a compelling narrative in a single video. Pop in the slash command and opt for the "Reel" block. This will insert an empty placeholder in the insight builder. A simple click on the placeholder opens up the floating evidence panel on the right.

With the evidence panel open, you can easily hunt down the specific highlights you need. Use the search bar to look for keywords in the transcript, participant names, or tags. Or, if you prefer, use the filter to sort through highlights by study or tags.

Once you've found the highlights you want in your reel, select them and click the add highlights button.

Editing and deleting a reel

Inside the reel, you can shuffle the highlights to your liking. Just drag and drop them in your preferred sequence. To delete a highlight, select it and hit that delete key on your keyboard - poof, it's gone from the reel! 💨

Need to add more more highlights to your reel? Hit the plus button next to your existing highlights. This will bring the highlight panel back to life, letting you add in those extra highlights you missed.

Play your reel and watch as each highlight rolls out individually. As one highlight wraps up, the next one in line automatically steps up to play. And that’s it! You've got a sequential, meaningful narrative.

Reels in preview

Now, when you're sharing an insight, the reel will look slightly different to viewers compared to the editing view as you can see in the image above.

  • Highlights appear as individual bars under the video player. The length of each bar signifies the duration of the respective highlight within the reel.

  • Clicking on the bar skips the video to that specific highlight.

Keep track of which highlight is currently playing with the help of the insight's colour highlighting the active bar.

Still got questions?

Don't worry, it's the sign of a good researcher, reach out to the team via chat and they will be ready to help.

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