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Tags Management
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Whether you've created tags during playback or you're looking to create new ones, this is the place to do it. Tag management functionalities include creating, editing, deleting, and merging tags.

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How you get here

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Navigate to the "Insights" screen and click on the Settings icon located in the top-right corner to access the Tag Management page.

Create Tags

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  • Click on the "Create Tag" button located at the top-right corner to open the tag creation module.

  • Type in the name for your tag and add a description for future reference.

  • Select a colour from the default options or use the color picker to choose a custom colour.

  • Click the "Save" button to finalise your tag.

  • Your new tag will now appear in the list of available tags and can be used during playback for analysis and synthesis.

Edit Tags

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  • Hover over the tag you're keen on editing and click the three dots that appear; this will display a range of options.

  • Select "Edit" from the options popover.

  • You're now free to update the tag name, description, or colour as you see fit.

  • Once you're satisfied with your changes, click "Save" to lock them in.

  • Your tag has now been updated with your new details

Delete Tags

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  • Hover over the tag you're interested in deleting and click the “more Actions” menu; a variety of options will then be displayed.

  • Choose "Delete" from the options. A confirmation popup will appear, asking you to confirm the tag's deletion.

  • This popup will also show you the number of highlights that will be affected by deleting this tag.

Merge Tags

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  • To merge a tag with another, hover over the tag you're interested in merging and click on the "More Actions" menu.

  • Choose “Merge into” option and you'll then be prompted to search for the tag you'd like to merge with the original tag.

  • While the merge is in progress, the "Merge" button will display a loading indicator, and the "Cancel" option will be deactivated.

  • Upon successful merging, the options popover will disappear, and a brief notification ("toast") will appear, indicating that the tags have been successfully merged. Changes will be reflected in the tag list.

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