Manage Team domain access
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We've improved the ability to control who joins your team on Askable. Now, you decide if you want your team open to anyone with your domain or prefer to keep it invite-only. It's all easily managed right from the team settings page.

Using allowed email domains

Managing who can join your team has never been easier. With the introduction of the 'Allowed email domains' setting, you have complete control over the email domains that can access your team.

🖐️ Heads Up

This setting is visible only for 'Admins' on the team.

To allow domain access:

  • Navigate to Settings > Team

  • Click the 'Add Domain' button in the 'Allowed email domains' section

  • Enter the email domain you wish to authorise (e.g., and click Submit

Setting up a new team? You can also specify domain access right from the get-go.

To remove domain access:

  • Click on the trash bin icon next to the domain you want to remove

  • Click Remove on the confirmation prompt that appears


Will this affect existing teams?

By default, teams created before this update will not have any domains added to the settings. As a result, these teams will not be visible to new users from your email domain. If you wish to make it visible, follow the steps above.

Will it affect users who already joined the team?

No, the existing team members are unaffected, they remain part of the team without any changes.

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