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About Askable - Status & Changelog
About Askable - Status & Changelog
Updated over a week ago

Think the platform is down OR interested in platform updates? 🧐 This might help!

🧯 Askable's Status Page

If you're experiencing significant issues on your Client's App, please click here to view our Status Page as your first check.

Issues you're experiencing could be:

  • Unable to Log In

  • Seeing a Blank or Empty Screen

  • Unable to create or submit a Study

  • Unable to join an Askable Session

If the Status Page does not resolve your issue or provide sufficient information, please Contact Support via the Live Chat and elaborate the issue you are experiencing.
We're more than happy to help identify the problem asap!

🧰 Askable's Changelog

As Askable continues to improve the quality of our platform & product offerings, you will be able to keep up to date on our new features & bug fixes on our Changelog Page

If you would like to Report a Bug, please send this through the Live Chat.
If you would like to suggest a Product Feedback, you can do this via the Give feedback button:


From there, you'll get to share your feedback in detail (thank you legend)


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