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Adding and Using Askable Sessions in a Study
Adding and Using Askable Sessions in a Study

Keen to use Askable Sessions? This article will step you through adding it to a Study.

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Adding Askable Sessions to a Study

When setting up a Video Call Study, you'll get options on what Video Call tool you'll want to use.

Step 1: Select Video Call in Research Method

Step 2: Set your Device Requirements (Askable Sessions is compatible on Desktop/Laptop only)

Step 3: Under Tool, select Askable Sessions

That's it! Sessions is selected on your Study. You can now add the additional details and submit the Study for review.

A few tips to get ready for your session

  • You can access your meeting link from the Calendar Tab or by clicking the Actions button next to the participant’s name

  • You'll land in the lobby when you click the link, which will give you time to set a few things up

  • It's a good idea to check that your browser has allowed camera and mic access before the session starts enable camera and mic on Chrome

  • Once you're ready to let your participants into the session, you can start and your participants will be allowed in.

  • As Observers ask to join, you will be notified and can either allow or deny their entry into the session.

  • Participants won't see Observers in the session, but Observers' names will show up in the attendee list. We've balanced session transparently and simplicity with this.

☝️Quick Tip

You and your participants will receive a reminder that the session is being recorded ahead of joining, for transparency.

During the session

Blurred background

Blurred background gives you and your participants an extra level of privacy, giving you confidence to run your sessions from anywhere.

  • To turn blurred background on, ensure your camera is switched on

  • Then select the more options (...) in the bottom navigation, and select 'Blur background'

  • This can be toggled off by selecting 'Turn off Blur Background' at any time

🖐️ Heads Up
If you've turned off recording in the lobby and join, but you need to record the call, you can fix this! You'll need to end the call and restart the call. If you choose to leave the call, it will continue to run without being recorded.

Audio and Video

You can adjust your audio and video settings from the more options (...) or from within the lobby. You can check and adjust your inputs to make sure everything is working the way it should be.

Settings in the call

Settings in the lobby before the call

Change Session layout

The session layout is customisable depending on what you would like to focus on during the call. By default auto layout will be selected.

After the session has ended

  1. Download the recording if you wish by selecting "View Recording" next to the participant's name in the participant list

  2. Your recording will be held and available for download for 30 days, after which it will be deleted

  3. The layout in the recording is dynamic based on the actual call experience eg. if someone shares their screen X minutes into the call, the recording will adjust layout to reflect this.

Check out our article about Playback

Can I try a Demo Session?

Of course! if you're logged in you'll be able to start an 'impromptu' call to take a look around. To do this, click here to give it a go!

You will need to be logged in to your Client Account to test a Session.

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