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All Askable Sessions recordings are transcribed by default. Our transcription is built on the latest AI breakthroughs with 98.5% accuracy, and does a great job even with thick accents.

Assign and update a speaker

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Assign new speaker

When the transcript is first created, you'll notice that speaker names are generic. You can customise this by assigning a speaker from the attendee list of the call. To choose from the list click on 'Speaker a, b, c etc.' and then choose the correct speaker from the list. Once you assign a name to a speaker, it is updated throughout the whole transcript.

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Updating a speaker

Sometimes a speaker could be wrong even after you have assigned names from the list. To update a speaker just click the speaker name above the section you would like to update and reassign the speaker.

If you choose the 'change across transcript' option from the dropdown, it will update every instance of that speaker in the whole transcript.

Interacting with the transcript

We've kept the features you loved! You can still play a word in the transcript, and the video will seamlessly jump to the corresponding section. Plus, playing the timestamp of an utterance remains as effortless as ever.


Downloading a transcript

Click the more menu next to the share button in the top navigation. From here you can download notes, the full session and the transcript.

The transcript will download as a .txt file. It will be formatted as shown below:


Speaker name (role):

Transcription of audio.

Becky Smith (Participant):
Hi there.

Taylor Brook (Facilitator):
Hi Becky, how has your day been so far?

Yeah pretty good, just got home from work. How about you?


Wait! Where's the transcript?!

Just like with playback, transcription is quick but not instantaneous. If the video recording hasn't processed yet, you'll see the screen below:

Once the video is available, the transcription process will begin and you'll see the screen below:

If you see the below screen that states 'Transcript unavailable', it means there is no transcript available for the session. This may happen for various reasons, but the most common are:

  • No audio was detected during the session

  • The session is older than the transcription feature

🖐️ Heads Up

If you believe there should be a transcript for this call, reach out to support and we will look into it quickly. Chances are if you think there should be a transcript, there will be one we might just need to assist.

If you see the error below, try hard refreshing the page, but be aware that anything that is unsaved will be lost. If that doesn't solve it, contact support and we may be able to retrieve it.

If no video exists for the session, you'll get the message below. This will happen if the session wasn't recorded.

Still got questions?

Don't worry, it's the sign of a good researcher, reach out to the team via chat and they will be ready to help.

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