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To manage your Account & Profile, navigate to the Top Right corner of your Home Screen.
You will be able to see your Name & Company. Click on it and select "Account settings"

From there, you'll be able to update your Name, Phone Number and Location.

Must I provide all my personal info?

[YES] In order to verify your account for your own secured usage, we require clients to enter their First & Last name. This will help the Askable Team identify various users who may share common first names.


[YES] Your email is provided so you are able to receive notifications & updated from the platform. Your work email also allows you to utilise SSO or Team functions.

​Phone Number

[OPTIONAL] While providing your Phone Number is optional, we highly encourage providing this information. This allows the Askable Team to contact you in times of a missed session, emergencies or to discuss about your Study where needed. Our main communication method is via the Live Chat so don't worry about any spam calls from us!


[YES] Your Location on the other hand helps the Askable Team & Platform identify your timezone. This is crucial when setting up sessions for your Studies. This way, we also know when is the best time to contact you in support of your Study. No midnight email notifications! 😴

Will Participants see my personal details?

Your information is safe with us. Participants will not be able to view your Name, Phone Number, Work email, or Last name when interacting with you or your Study.
Participants are only able to see your First Name in Messages & Sessions.

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