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Highlights and Tags
Highlights and Tags
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Drag and Select

To create a highlight, click at the start of the text, hold down your mouse button, and move your cursor across the text until you select what you want.

Adjust the highlight

Once the text has been selected, you can fine-tune the highlight’s start and end time by dragging the endpoints for precise control.

Save with a tag

Find or create a tag from the small pop-up modal to save the highlight.

🖐️ Tag or lose

If you click anywhere else on the screen without adding a tag, the highlight won't be saved and the action will be cancelled.

Using the input field to search for tags

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Filtered tag popover

Enter text in the input field to filter the available tags. The tag popover will display the top 4 recently used tags to provide quick access and reference.

Dynamic tag filtering

As you continue typing in the input field, the tags will dynamically filter based on your input. The filtering process considers all the tags you have saved, ensuring precise results.

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Creating new tags

If you type a tag that doesn't exist yet, the option to "Create a new tag" will appear. Select this option, and the tag will be saved, automatically assigned a randomised colour, and added to the highlight.

Updated tag display

Once a tag is created or saved, it will be checked and moved to the top of the list in the tag popover. The highlight colour will also change, and the tag label will be added next to the highlight, indicating that the highlight has been saved.

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Editing highlights and tags

Click on the highlight you want to edit. This action will open a popover that allows you to modify the tags associated with the highlight. Within the popover, you can create new tags or remove tags associated with the highlight.

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Tag management

Whether you've created tags during playback or you're looking to create new ones, this is the place to do it. Learn more about tag management here.

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