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Screener Logic Explanation
Updated over a week ago

Our screeners are purpose-built to not have logic applied to it. This is so that you have a full view, clarity and control on everyone and anyone who applies for your study (even if they are not eligible)
The platform is built so that we do not exclude people right of the bat, allowing you to make that informed & inclusive decision as a Researcher.
If participants start to understand a trend of Studies looking for a specific group, they may be inclined to trick the system and provide false answers. This is a step to ensure we don't present leading screener questions and avoid biases! πŸ’‘

Many times, a participant who may not be eligible according to your screeners can be surprisingly insightful to consider speaking with πŸ€“

​TIP: If you are still wanting to replicate some sort of logic pathway on your Study, we recommend adding a "Not Applicable" option so participants who are not eligible can still choose that option.

Having a holistic view of both eligible & ineligible participants in your list is also added data to show a rough representation of the market or population!

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