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How many Screener Questions can I have in a Study?
How many Screener Questions can I have in a Study?
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One of the best perks of Askable we don't limit how many Screener Questions you can include in a Study. It's important that you ask sufficient questions that in order to find the right participants.

Ideal Number of Screeners

We recommend having a sweet spot of 10 to 15 Screener Questions. This normally equates to an approximate 2-3 minutes for a Participant to apply for your Study.

Too many screeners?

If you're needing to ask more than 15 Screener Questions, it would be wise to review your questions and narrow them down where you can.

Remember ☝🏼 Screener Questions are built to screen participants, not collect information OR ask questions which you would be able to ask in a Session or Survey instead.

Any questions which you would like to ask participants as a secondary data or good-to-have, we suggest leaving out from the screener questions section.

Cons of having too many screener questions

  1. Participants are likely to drop off & give up their application

  2. Quality or Accuracy of responses decrease as they work through the questions

  3. Participants skim through questions

If you believe you still need a large number of Screener Questions to screen for the right participants, we get it!
Your best option is to set a Premium Incentive on your Study. This motivates participants to go through the application properly & in detail.


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