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Can I add a Screener Question after my Study is live?
Can I add a Screener Question after my Study is live?
Updated over a week ago

You won't be able to add a screener to a Study that is currently live or running.

This is because it affects how the Participant List looks & works, as those who have already applied to your Study would not have answered your new Screener, meaning there is no data to present on the list.

Adding a new screener does not guarantee you will be receiving new applicants.

What we recommend

1. Messaging existing participants

You will be able to utilise the Messages Tab and Bulk Message participants to ask them the new Screener Question, and for them to reply their answers in the chat.

There are no guarantees that all participants will respond and naturally this will mean your Screener is in an open field format.

2. Start a new Study

If you're at a point where you're needing to add a new screener question mid-Study (whether by mistake or change of specs), this may be better approached with a new Study so the Askable Team can recruit fresh for you accordingly.
Please speak to our Support Team via the Live Chat if you are exploring this option and we are happy to review your need to go with this option.


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