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How to manage an Unmoderated Study
How to manage an Unmoderated Study

Here's a step by step explanation of how your Unmoderated Study will run

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Step 1

After your Online Task or Survey Study is live, you will either invite participants you've hand-picked OR participants will be invited automatically (depending on how you've set up your Sutdy)

Step 2

Once a participant is invited, they will be able to start anytime (first in best dressed).

Once they Begin the task, they are given 120 minutes to complete. This ensure participants are not distracted and focused on completing the test in the one sitting.

The 120 minutes timer is unrelated to the Duration / Due Date of your Study.

Step 3

Once participants have finished the task, they are prompted to return to their Askable Account to mark themselves as Complete. From here, you will have 24 Business Hours to "check their submissions" in order to cross-check between both platforms. After the window has passed, participants will receive their incentives, and their status will update to Completed

Remember you would have already asked for their Full Names in your choice of Usability Testing Platform to help with cross-referencing

Step 4

If you wish to get more responses, you can update your quota in your Study settings.

What if I am unsatisfied with a response?

In the rare cases where a participant has...

  • Abandoned a task

  • Skipped or skimmed through questions

  • Provided poor or average answers

  • Provided contradicting or false information may Report them to replace with other participants.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Identify the Participant's Name in your tool

2. In your Study Screen > Filter > Name > Type in there name

3. Click on the Drop Down button

4. Select Report issue and follow the steps

5. Invite other participants to replace your spot

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