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How to Reopen a Study?
Updated over a week ago

To Reopen a Study you simply need to follow these steps:

1. Head into the Study you want reopened or extended
2. Click on the Settings wheel

3. Scroll all the way down
4. Select Reopen Project
5. Once you've done this, don't forget to add new time sessions in the Calendar Tab to avoid the Study closing on you again

6. For an Online Task/Survey, don't forget to extend your Study due date in Settings OR increase your quota to get more responses

Will exisiting participants see my new times?

Existing participants won't be notified when you add new times after a Study is live. But the best way to go about it is to just send out a few more invites than usual, and by chance, they will just accept their invitation and confirm if they are free. Most of the times they do and it's like MAGIC! 🪄
If not, they will just decline it. We highly recommend over-inviting participants as this will help speed up the process.

Those who accept after all slots are filled will be informed they are waitlisted as a backup participant.

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