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Can participants see the New Times I've added in the Calendar?
Can participants see the New Times I've added in the Calendar?
Updated over a week ago

Existing participants won't be notified when you add new times after a Study is live.

If you intentionally Message participants to inform them of this change, they will be able to navigate to your Study & update their availabilities.

Please note that this may require extra time & effort for a participant to update. It is also extra work for you to send out a message & answer any questions that may come your way.

The better way to fill your new time slots

The best way to go about this is just to send out a few more invites than usual, and by chance, they will just accept their invitations and confirm if they're free.

Most of the times they do and it's much more effective then waiting for participants to update their new availabilities.
If participants are unavailable, they will just decline or ignore the invite.

PRO TIP: We highly recommend over-inviting participants to your Study or a particular slot. What this means is inviting more than you need.

e.g. Inviting 5 participants to a new time session you just added instead of relying on just 1 Participant.

Those who accept late will be informed they are waitlisted as a backup participant.

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