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How to recruit participants from multiple countries?
How to recruit participants from multiple countries?
Updated over a week ago

To recruit from multiple countries, simply set up your Study as per usual and check out the below settings πŸ‘‡


You will want to set your Quota to represent the TOTAL number of participants you want to speak to. For example, you may want to speak to 10 Americans and 10 Canadians - this means your quota should be set to 20.

You won't be able to set a cap/max quota for each location at the moment. We recommend handpicking participants and using Segments to manage your quotas or have a quota in mind 🧠 when inviting your participants.


When you reach the [Audience - Participant Location] section, you will be able to include the locations you want to recruit participants from.
You can include a combination of

  • A City 🏘️

  • A State πŸŒ‡

  • A Country πŸ—ΊοΈ

If you're recruiting from a big list of Cities within a State OR many States within a Country, it may be best to select the whole State instead so to capture a wider area

For example: You need participants from NSW, QLD, SA, WA, NT, VIC (Not Tasmania) - you may as well select all of Australia & include a screener question to ask for their states.

OR you need participants from 48 states in USA, you can simply select the whole of USA without needing to manually add every State.


Curious to know how participants across multiple countries are being paid by Askable? Don't you worry! Participants will be paid in their own currencies with their respective amounts based on the conversion rate.

In Person Studies

If you'd like to run an In Person Study across different locations, we recommend setting them up as separate Studies.
This caters for the need to advertise localised address & information to participants so they know where and how to travel to the research location 😁

Got further questions? Get in touch in the Live Chat (?) and we'll be happy to help!

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