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How to Export my list of participants?
How to Export my list of participants?

Here's how to request for an exported sheet of your list from the team

Updated over a week ago

Due to security & privacy reasons, exported lists will now be provided upon request via the Live Chat.

This is to...
👉🏻 Minimise & protect participants’ confidential and sensitive data

👉🏻 Document all data exports in case of a data breach/leakage incident

To get an Export of your list
1. Pop in the Live Chat to Contact Support
2. Provide the Title of your Study
3. Provide a reason for needing an export
4. Our Team will review your reason & provide you a copy if appropriate

PRO TIP: The Askable Table allows you to manage and filter participants to support analysing the data, similar to using filters in an excel sheet

For more info - Managing Segments


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