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Logging In to your Client Account

How our Passwordless Login works

Updated over a week ago

When was the last time you had forgotten a password? For some of us, it's a daily struggle πŸ‘΅πŸ»

That's why, we've moved to a Passwordless Login, giving you one less password to remember, and the safest and most secured method to access all your research data.

When logging into your account, you will be asked to enter you email. It's crucial you're typing in the right email without any typos!

From there, you will be prompted to check your Email Inbox.

If you have not received your code after a while, don't forget to check your Spam or Junk Folder.

This is an example of what the Email will look like:

The email sender should be from our Third Party Tool []
If you are seeing a suspicious or different sender, please do not click on any links or buttons. Askable will never ask for any Passwords, Bank details or Credit Card details.

If you have any issues logging into your account, please contact Support via the Live Chat. This can be assessed from our website.

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