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How to close a Study?
Updated over a week ago

To wrap up your Study, head to Settings Page of your Study > Scroll all the way to the bottom > Click Close Study

From there, you will be met with a Pop Up to select the most suitable option

This information help us understand why you're wanting to close your Study and if further support can be provided.
It also allows us to collect data to better improve our product offerings πŸ€“

Before you Close your Study

It's wise to consider if there are alternatives before closing your Study:

1. If you are lacking participants to choose from, make sure you have contacted Support via the Live Chat so we can supply you with more options!

2. Make sure you don't have any future sessions still in CONFIRMED Status. If you do, please go ahead and cancel them so participants are well informed.

3. Loosening your specs ever so slightly might get you more participants. Talk to Support if you need assistance with this.

4. Had a no-show or participant cancel? Read this!



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