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Re-confirm PayPal details on Askable
Re-confirm PayPal details on Askable
Updated over a week ago

To enhance the security and integrity of our platform, we are asking participants to re-confirm their PayPal details.

What's new

We have introduced a "Connect with PayPal" button, offering a more secure way to link your Askable profile with your PayPal account.

Why you need to re-confirm PayPal

By re-confirming your PayPal details, you help us maintain a secure and trustworthy platform for everyone. This new process will also help prevent fraudulent activity, ensuring that our genuine participants get more opportunities and are properly rewarded.

☝️ Heads up! The cut-off date to re-confirm your PayPal is the 27th June 2024.

How to re-confirm your PayPal details

  1. Log in to your Askable account.

  2. Navigate to the main menu and click on 'Payout preferences'.

  3. Click on the "Connect with PayPal" button. This will open a popup containing PayPal’s secure login page.

  4. In the popup window, follow the instructions to securely authenticate with your PayPal credentials.

  5. You will be redirected back to Askable.

By following these steps, you ensure that your PayPal details are securely linked to your Askable profile. If you have are facing any issues or have any additional questions, reach out on chat.


What happens to my account after the cut-off on 27th June 2024?

By default, we'll remove your PayPal email address from your account. This means you'll need to re-connect your Askable profile with PayPal to ensure you continue receiving payouts.

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